In December of 2018, we embarked on a new chapter in our life – RIGS. We had an absolute blast in our first year. We had trucks and trailers to sell, customers from all over the US and even some outside the US, and business was booming!

We began to see a slow down towards the end of the year, not that unusual. So we planned a trip out west again to see clients and inspect trucks and fleets. We came home with new inventory to list and some inspiration for the next step in business – a location. Things were looking up, and then…COVID. Full Stop. For the next two months, nothing. No business, no sales, nothing.

During that time, we decided to pick up a few vehicles from the local dealer auction to add another source of revenue. It quickly became clear that fixing and cleaning up cars and trucks in our home garage was not a long term solution, but it worked for a while. Things began to pick up again, but only slightly. As with most businesses, it’s been a rough year.

But, like most businesses with drive and an eye for opportunity, we kept stepping forward. We kept telling ourselves, “there’s something here”. For a business owner, failure is a part of life. And thru this year, we’ve failed at numerous things we’ve tried. But, we couldn’t shake the notion that we had something. There was “smoke”. (Not like the time I (Adam) tried to burn the house down from the garage…) It may be just a spark, or nothing more than a candle flame, but there’s a clear and present sense that we started something that had the potential to grow.

So what do you do in a questionable economy, mid-way thru a pandemic at the tail end of an election year, and when you read about years long businesses failing just about every day??? Of course, you double down, throw all the chips, dive in deep, and fan the flame!  (Don’t take business advice from me, my test results aren’t back yet.)

We decided to expand! And despite the days of tension and stress interrupted by minutes of rewarding pleasure (getting paid for our work) it’s great! (Doc says our hair will respond nicely to the color treatments and chia pet cream.)

Now, not only can we offer attentive, experienced and focused sales services for our existing and ever expanding list of clients, but we can now outfit from start to finish the very same types of work trucks I’ve been working around nearly my entire life. Whether it’s commercial van shelving, dump body, emergency lighting, electrical or hydraulic repair, or even need to purchase rigging for your tow truck, we are here for you. We are here whether you need to buy, sell, or equip your RIG!

We look forward to serving you!

Now get back to work! 🙂

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Established in 2018, RIGS Truck and Supply exists for the work truck owner. Serving our local area of Northern Alabama, as well as our clients and customers across the entire United States.

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