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Adam Osterloo has loved big trucks and equipment for as long as he can remember.  Both he and his wife, Melissa, grew up on small, family owned and operated farms in the Midwest.  These experiences instilled in them the values of faith, family, and hard work.  Now it’s their turn to pass that same legacy onto their three year old son, Sam. 

Adam’s professional background includes everything from selling musical instruments to turning wrenches as a diesel mechanic.  Since 2013, Adam has supplied small business owners across the US with needs-based information, products, and services to help them achieve greater success in the market.  

Melissa has demonstrated experience in nonprofit management, HR, and accounting.

In 2018, Adam and Melissa developed and launched RIGS Truck in order to make it possible for owners to worry less about buying and selling equipment and get back to the crucial work that keeps their businesses, and their families, successful.

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