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Because people need solutions, not just to be sold what’s on the lot.

I’ve spent many years working outside of sales. Running trucks and machinery, turning wrenches on farm machinery for John Deere, being an audio engineer for large format live concert recordings, selling John Deere parts, managing the IT department for a mid-sized law firm, managing logistics and sales for a large piano distributor, and flipping burgers at the local fast food joint. (We all have to start somewhere!) One thing I’ve learned through all of it – every industry and every customer has problems that need solutions.

The work truck industry is no different. Owners have a very basic problem at the root of nearly every business involving a truck. The truck itself. The problem is they need one. Sounds simple, even ridiculous to say that, but it really is a problem. Trucks are expensive, they break, they require ongoing maintenance investment, they require updating, they require insurance, they require accessories, decals, and fuel, and last but not least, they require drivers – possibly the biggest headache of all. Second only to the hassle of finding drivers, is buying and selling the truck.

RIGS Truck exists for the purpose of making private owner sales easier. Whether you’re looking for a truck and your local dealer doesn’t have the one you need, or you’re trying to sell a truck and you’d rather not trade it in or don’t need to, we’re here to help.


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