Clean, Low Mileage, Pete 35ton Heavy Wrecker


  • 550HP Cat C15
  • 18spd Manual Transmission
  • 20,000lb Front Axle
  • 20,000lb Pusher Lift Axle
  • 46,000lb Rears
  • 66,148 Mileage – will increase – still in use
  • DPF Filter current and operational. Can be removed – Original fuel tank and exhaust piping included
  • Winch Brake
  • AirWeigh Onboard Scale System
    • 19,180lbs on Steer
    • 34,380lbs on Drives
      • Fully equipped as shown in photos
  • Power Windows
  • 315in Wheelbase – FA to CT (pusher up)

  • JerrDan HDL700/480 Independent
  • U/L Ratings
    • 48,000lbs Retracted
    • 17,600lb Extended – 181in w/Forks
  • Recovery Boom Rating:
    • 70,000lb Retracted
    • 22,000lb Extended
  • Dual DP 35,000lb Winches with 3/4 Rope
  • 146in Tri-axle Body
  • 24in Tunnel
  • 49in Tunnel
  • 6,000lb Counterweight under 49in Tunnel
  • 25,000lb Bus Lift Attachment
  • Fully Rigged, all rigging and tools included

This truck was custom built for this owner. It’s been in California it’s entire life and is completely rust and corrosion free. The DPF unit was installed to extend the usability time frame for California simply because of the CARB regulations. THE ONLY reason this truck is available for sale is because of CARB. That DPF unit is an aftermarket install. It’s not original to the truck and was not even a factory option at the time this truck was assembled. It’s completely removable and all the original exhaust piping and the fuel tank with straps are set aside for this truck. All of that is included with the sale.

The truck has been on CHP rotation it’s entire life. If you’re not familiar, the California Highway Patrol performs a very thorough inspection and evaluation of each and every truck serving on rotation annually. It’s basically a DOT inspection on steroids. They check everything. If there’s a mounting bolt loose, or an oil drip on the ground, they will not pass the truck and you will have to repair it and have it re-inspected to get it on rotation. It’s a very tight system – much tighter than any other state inspection I’ve seen of towing equipment around the country. As a result, this truck is completely dry underneath as well. No leaks of any sort in the entire truck.

Don’t let the fact that it’s a 35ton fool you. This is a great performing truck. Because of the counterweight, and the pusher axle, you’ve got over 11,000lbs of tow performance with the underlift stretched all the way out at 181 inches! And that still leaves 50% on the front axle for braking, steering, stability, and control while towing. This truck will out perform many 50tons currently in service – further disproving the theory that you have to have a 50ton to tow something heavy. No, what you need to have is a properly spec’d truck with the capacity to handle what you need to tow.

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